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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A long time in the making

So I realize I have not posted in almost 2 years. I guess my life has been extremely busy.
Well let's see, in the past two years....
Well Brian deployed in early 2013, he was gone for 9months. In that time, I started going to school to become an elementary teacher. Previously I had worked at an elementary school and I found that I absolutely loved it.
I went to Texas in the summer of 2013, meeting up with my mom and our family in Texas. I really miss everyone and especially my mom. I really needed that mini vacation.
Brian returned in late 2013 and life has slowly worked back to normalcy. It was a little hard at first when he came back, trying to get back into the groove of normal life.
Now it is summer 2014 and I'm still working on my AA in elementary education. I am almost done with that degree, and then I plan to transfer to Kansas State University. I really look forward to the next couple of years.
It doesn't seem like we will be moving from Kansas anytime soon. I quite enjoy it here.
Anyway, I plan on keeping this blog up to date, now that I have a mobile app for Blogger.

Love and kisses from the Midwest,