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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So, I went to the surgeon's today. He basically told me that since I have no family history of breast cancer and my age that it is most likely just a fibroid type thing in my breast. My options were to either get it taken out, which he said that if he did that for every fibroid he would be doing surgeries all the time, or if I can live with it and it doesn't cause pain, to just go in for a biopsy. Well, since it isn't getting bigger and it doesn't cause me any pain, I opted to just go get it biopsied. Now since it is tiny they have to do an ultrasound to biopsy it. Cool sounds great to me. So, I will be at the hospital in the ultrasound room on Friday. Glad everything is going by so fast. He said the results should return within a week or so.. Relief!!!